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The Association of religious in Uganda (ARU) is an umbrella body for all religious Congregations working in Uganda which are registered with the Association. ARU is led by the body of Major Superiors of religious Congregations that form a body of the Assembly of Major Superiors of Religious Institutes in Uganda (AMSRIU).

ARU was founded by Women Major Superiors of Religious Institutes in 1968 under Mother Bernardine, LSOSF, who also doubled as the Secretary General. The formation of the Association followed an injunction of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, requesting Major Superiors to set up National Associations of Congregations in each Country for purposes of collaborating on issues of common interest and finding ways to address issues/challenges arising from their work of evangelization. This body of Major Superiors which was approved by the Holy See in 1972 became a member of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, based in Rome.

To the name of ARU was added that of AMSRIU deriving from “Association of Major Superiors of Religious Institutes in Uganda” In 1995 when the religious men and women merged with the purpose of forming an integrated body with a common vision and voice for proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ,the newly founded Body took on the name: “Association of Major Superiors of Religious Institution in Uganda (AMSRIU).” In July 2014 the General Assembly of Major Superiors decided to clarify the name of Association so as to bring into the picture the members in the Congregation who seem to have eclipsed.



Our vision is to be "Our vision is to be "A Prophetic Body of Men and Women religious inspired by Gospel values for the transformation of members and of society."


Our Mission is to collaborate, support and empower each Institute to live its unique Charism within the mission of the Church today.



    To help the members carry out their role and functions within the mission of the Church in Uganda today. In addition, to further the attainment of the aim of each Institute, while always respecting their autonomy, their nature and proper spirit.

    To foster a suitable and close collaboration of Institutes of men and women among themselves and with the ecclesiastical authorities. The emphasis is to establish appropriate co-ordination and co-operation with the Episcopal Conference, by working closely with a liaison Bishop specially appointed to keep in regular contact with AMSRIU and with individual Bishops.


    There are 85 registered member congregations. The Association is composed of approximately 7,000 Religious (Men and Women) from across the 19 Catholic Dioceses of Uganda.



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